Mad Cleaning Skillz

I asked Alex to clean his room. He did this unsupervised while I got Evan dressed for the day.



Do you see it?




Everything is in here, all “clean”.




Kid’s got his mom’s mad cleaning skillz.


So, Alex has always asked a lot of questions and I have always answered them handily? “Why does that machine drive on the ice skating rink?” “{Insert explanation of how a zamboni works, including lessons in water freezing and liquids, gasses and solids}” “Ok.” So, I never really thought the whys would bother me. But…

Well, You’re Never Gonna Get It

So, Evan started potty training. Then he started climbing out of his crib, so he made the move to a big boy bed. Potty training is going very well but the big boy bed is my worst enemy. The stress of making both these changes at once is huge on Evan. He is very, very…


Sometimes I think Evan doesn’t like me. And I don’t mean this in a martyr woe-is-me way. That kid loves me like crazy. He just sees me all the time and gets so excited when he sees ANYONE else. So, sometimes I think he doesn’t like me because he wants to be with anyone else…


The first time we met, it was sort of an accident. After weekly story time at the library, we went outside to feed the fish. She’d also let her kids outside to run around and work off some energy. Our kids started to play together and we started to talk. When it was time to…


When I was in high school, I dove on the swim team. While waiting my turn to dive, I’d often find myself jamming to the Tom Petty CD our head coach was so fond of. Over the course of my lifetime, I’ve found Tom Petty is eternally right. The waiting is the hardest part. I’ve…

Sealing my Driveway #DIY

As I write this, I’m willing off any rain for another 12 hours. We’ve had a number of dry days – close to a week in fact – but the rain is gonna come. It’s inevitable. When you seal your driveway, you can’t drive on the damn thing for 72 hours (or more if you’re…

Proof Being Married is Rough

Kristin: I want to stop and return this movie we watched last night. David: Which movie was it? Kristin: Veronica Mars. David: How did it end? Well, it can’t have been that good anyway. I fell asleep. Kristin: But you always fall asleep. That doesn’t really indicate whether a movie was good or bad. David:…

Why I’m Sealing My Driveway #DIY

When David and I first met, I confidently told him I could do just about anything a man could do. I have since amended that statement as I had not previously lived with a man. I cannot do everything a man can do. I cannot impregnate a woman. I am exceedingly bad at peeing standing up….